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Having Cosmetic Plastic Surgery In Beverly Hills

Posted on - Jan 4 2012

Beverly Hills is a city in Los Angeles California known for its beautiful people, homes, cars and scenery. Keeping the people of Beverly Hills and other Los Angeles cities beautiful is the job of local Los Angeles plastic surgeons. With a population of over thirty four thousand, it is home to a (Read More)

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

Posted on - Oct 20 2011

The aesthetics of the eyes, other than color, are entirely determined by the bony and soft tissue architecture surrounding them. Variations in the bony skeleton such as underdeveloped cheek bones, when not recognized in advance of a blepharoplasty can negatively impact the final surgical result. (Read More)

Brachioplasty or Upper-Arm Lift Surgery

Posted on - Oct 19 2011

Aesthetic surgical reshaping techniques for the upper arms, depending on the individual patient needs, range from liposuction or lipoplasty alone to extensive tissue resection. The resulting scars also vary from inconspicuous to significant. Liposuction alone is sufficient for many patients. Fo (Read More)

Breast Augmentation – An Expert’s Perspective

Posted on - Oct 18 2011

The complexities of breast augmentation including choice of implant, access incisions, anesthesia, subglandular, submuscular or dual plane implant placement need not be further belabored. Our expert surgeons personal preferences and biases are based on their training, experience, and in general (Read More)

Plastic Surgery Patient Safety

Posted on - Oct 17 2011

Needless to say, patient safety with any type of surgery is of paramount importance. This applies even more strongly to aesthetic surgery which is totally elective. Training leading to board certification in plastic surgery is as extensive as the training of any medical professional, with ample (Read More)

Chemical Peels, Dermabrasion, and Skin Resurfacing

Posted on - Oct 16 2011

Resurfacing is based on inflicting an injury of various depths to the skin; face and/or body. Our bodies respond to this injury through the steps of wound repair, including neovascularization (new), collagen reposition and reorganization, thickening of the dermis, etc. which all result in skin r (Read More)

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Surgery

Posted on - Oct 15 2011

The first documented abdominoplasty performed for aesthetic purposes dates back to 1890. As would be expected, it was a far less sophisticated procedure than is performed by plastic surgeons today. Over time, this early procedure was further expanded and refined, evolving into what we know as th (Read More)

Cheek Implant or Malar Augmentation

Posted on - Oct 14 2011

A younger face is more triangular in shape with the chin representing the tip of the triangle. With aging, as the malar areas decend, jowling occurs and the face shape becomes more rectangular. In individuals whose facial contours have changed as a result of advancing age, as well as in individu (Read More)

Chin Augmentation and Implants

Posted on - Oct 13 2011

Chin augmentation, performed by itself or often in combination with other surgeries such as liposuction of the neck, face lift, and rhinoplasty, is a procedure with significant aesthetic benefits. Especially from a profile view, the chin is a defining aesthetic component of the lower third of th (Read More)

Face Lift Surgery

Posted on - Oct 12 2011

The topic of Face lift includes a tremendous amount and variety of information, which can lead to some confusion as to which is the right or best technique for any specific surgical candidate. The loud and clear message, emphasized by virtually all of the experts in Dr. Fodors book Be Your Best, (Read More)

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