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Dr. Fodor's Appearance on Good Morning America October 18, 2012.



Dr. Fodor on Good Morning America October 18, 2012. CLICK HERE for video.



Dr. Peter Fodor and VaserShape as featured on Entertainment Tonight (ET)  CBS at 7:00 PM PST September 21, 2012.



Dr. Peter Fodor and VaserShape as featured on Entertainment Tonight (ET) CBS at 7:00 PM PST September 21, 2012.



Finally! Proven Results in the War Against Cellulite from The Plastic Surgery Channel

The war against cellulite wages on as new, inventive technologies are created to combat the age-old skin deformity. Dr. Peter Fodor of Beverly Hills, California discusses using Vasersmooth, a tool that utilizes ultrasound energy, to effectively treat cellulite better than ever before. 




How to Smooth Cellulite...With Better Lighting

by Elizabeth Siegel, Senior Beauty Editor, June 25, 2013, 4:00:00 PM


Take a look at the pictures above—you'd think they were impressive before-and-afters for a cellulite treatment. And yet, there was no procedure. No one got a spray tan. Nothing was even Photoshopped. The only thing that's different is the lighting.

"Cellulite is like a Chesterfield couch, where buttons are pulling down on fabric so you get dimples and depressions. But when you diffuse the lighting, it washes the dimples and depressions out," says Peter B. Fodor, a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and past president and chairman of the board of trustees of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. "I'm not accusing anyone of doing that on purpose. Maybe some people do and some people do not. But we need a standardized photography technique that shows cellulite at its worst." In the meantime, two things are for sure: I'm going to avoid standing in direct light whenever possible (yikes), and it's not just cellulite that's affected by lighting. "Eyes are a good example. If you have head-on lighting, it can look like excess fat bags were removed when they may not have been at all," says Fodor. "But if light is projected from above the patient, it creates a shadow that emphasizes puffiness under the eyes."

And while it's hard to tell whether lighting is (intentionally or unintentionally) manipulating an image—"we even have issues at medical meetings," Fodor says—there are a few telltale signs you can look for. Shadows (or lack thereof) are key. "A good photo may be dark in places, but it's dark on purpose," says Fodor. That's because shadows emphasize imperfections in the skin. So both the before and the after should have the same amount of shadow. And both should have a light source that's coming from the same angle. Take the pictures above: "In the picture on the left, the light was sent from an angle so the shadow emphasizes and shows the true appearance of cellulite," he says. "In the picture on the right, the light is diffused across the skin so it appears smoother." And be wary of claims that sound too good to be true. "Herbal treatments and tea do absolutely nothing for cellulite," says Fodor, who has helped develop invasive (Vaser and VaserSmooth) and noninvasive (Endermologie) procedures for treating cellulite. "Most noninvasive treatments don't work either, but 12 sessions of Endermologie's computer-programmed massage therapy is fairly successful for some patients who don't want surgery," he says.



Surprise! Women giving men the gift of plastic surgery!

Posted by Melissa on 2/18/13 at 12:08 pm

Last week, on Valentine’s Day, Inside Edition ran the story about Cassandra Martinez who was about to give her fiancé a Valentine’s Day gift he will never forget – new breasts.

“It will definitely be a Valentine’s Day to remember, she revealed. “My boyfriend gave me a ring so I’m going to have surgery.”

This recent IE segment came to the attention of Dr. Peter Fodor, past president of ASAPS, who explains this unusual sort of ”gifting” is becoming a common and growing trend.

Dr. Fodor says, “It was interesting to see this piece. It is not common in our practice to have relatives and significant others cover charges for a cosmetic surgery procedure as a gift. When this happens, it is essential to make sure that the recipient is determined and motivated to have the surgery based on her own desires, as opposed to an attempt to please the other person.”

“There is nothing worse than someone receiving a gift of plastic surgery who did not anticipate that others assume that a certain “flaw” was bothersome enough to do this. It’s different if the person asks for this directly as a gift, but to assume and surprise someone with a surgery as a gift is fraught with all kinds of problems, the very least are terribly hurt feelings,” says Dr. Fodor. 





Consumer Health Features

Surprising beauty and fashion secrets for red carpet season

By April MacIntyre Feb 5, 2013, 4:50 GMT

Stars wear stratospheric heels for the cameras, but when no one is watching they slip into low profile flats to run around in the dark of the ballrooms.



We are in the throes of red carpet season, as the Grammys loom, the Emmys, DGA, SAG and Golden Globes just wrapped and the Oscars are the big finale to what seems like one black tie shindig after another in Hollywood.

Many people wonder what stars do to get through a night of looking camera ready and fabulous. Monsters and Critics asked top makeup artists, publicists, wardrobe assistants and stylists what were some of the lesser known tricks of the trade to keep a star fresh and fabulous. You will be surprised.

Double sided wig tape


This is must-have inside every publicist and stylist's handbag or kit. This miracle double sided tape fixes ripped out hems from high heels and errant strapless dresses fighting with gravity to go south. The kind you want? A form of double stick tape you can purchase at a well-stocked beauty supply store. This is considered the all-purpose duct tape of the fashion and beauty world. It's a must have staple for any bride and bridal party too.

Waist training


Cocktail and formal dresses demand shapewear, and the slimming craze has gone one step further: Waist training. Everything old is new again as the underbust corset is quietly back in style - practical, functional and effective - it completes any form fitting outfit. American-made corsets from The Corset Chick (www.corsetchick.com) are top picks, and constructed of 24 spiral steel bones that are five layers of fabric, making it one of the strongest and hardest wearing garments on the market. The corset is suitable for training of the waist but please seek medical advice before attempting this. Waist training corsets can reduce your waist by 6"-7" but are for experienced corset wearers. The more you use them, the smaller your waist gets naturally.

Lipstick all night



Jello powder! Especially cherry Red Jello, which is applied on slightly dampened lips after lining with an appropriate colored liner. Use a lip brush to apply to moist lips for a long-lasting stain. Then build your lipcolor by applying a pretty lipstick over, blot, then re-apply and add a dab of gloss. Your mouth will stay with you despite your tippling of champagne flutes.

Under concealer concealer



Red eyes, pimple and under eye circles can all be addressed with a careful application of vaso-constricting eye drops and nasal spray. Both are topical steroids that shrink blood vessels so this will deflame red pimples, help under eye puffiness and undereye circles. Use before an absorbing eye gel cream and then use a lightweight opague concealer like Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage creme that comes in a wide range of two-toned compacts to custom blend for the right color so you don't look like an owl.

Fat Melting by Sound

Not freezing cold and painful, or invasive with downtime like liposuction, VASER Shape is the hottest treatment growing in popularity for its real results. Inches are obliterated as sound waves cause the fat cells to rupture and liquefied lipids (fat) is then massaged to lymph glands for the body to naturally excrete. "This is the number one non invasive procedure we are booked for this time of year," says Dr. Peter B. Fodor (www.peterfodormd.com). Dr. Fodor is ranked in the top 1% of US plastic surgeons. He's done work on many A-list movie stars over the years, and is past president of the prestigious ASAPS association. VASER Shape won an award in 2011 for Best Non-Surgical Body Contouring. Dr. Oz also promoted VASER Shape in a segment dubbed the "Newest, Fastest Fat Busters!"

Happy feet


Stars wear stratospheric heels for the cameras, but when no one is watching they slip into low profile flats to run around in the dark of the ballrooms. American shoemaker Pluggz is a top pick and newcomer for the high fashion color ranges and the low profile it has, as it delivers an optimal arch and instep structure so feet do not tire. Flat shoes can be as painful as high heels if the shoe has no support.

Pluggz (www.pluggz.com) contains black plugs made from a custom carbon and rubber compound that sit under a weight bearing part of the foot ensuring electrical contact between the earth and the foot. These plugs are designed to conduct a flow of free electrons that energize the foot.

Pluggz not only offer extreme comfort, they also are super stylish and have flats and flip-flops in fun metallic and neutrals ensuring they’ll go with every outfit.
Pluggz are made of 100% high quality, comfortable rubber soles. People love the way they feel. And, Hollywood celebrities love them because when you buy a pair of Pluggz, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting inspiring organizations dedicated to improved health for people of all ages.




Consumer Health Features

Last year, Pippa's butt, this year, Kate's nose - one top plastic surgeon's warning

By April MacIntyre Feb 3, 2013, 4:02 GMT

Kate Middleton (L), accompanied by her father, Michael Middleton (R), arrives to Westminster Abbey where she will marry Prince William, Britain, 29 April 2011. EPA/IAN LANGSDON

What IS the perfect nose?

One top plastic surgeon in California says it is the best one overall for your features, not just a copycat of popular celebrities and royals.

The never ending trend in fashionable body parts has gone from Pippa Middleton's rear end to sister Duchess Kate's pug nose.

Case in point: Kate Middleton, wife of William and now a duchess. The year she wed her Prince William, her sister Pippa Middleton caused a worldwide rush to recreate what was dubbed the "Pippa Butt" by the media, as women went to have gluteal sculpting and fat transfers to recreate the perky derriere.

Remember when everyone wanted the “Rachel” haircut from Friends? If it didn’t work for you, no problem, you just wanted for it to grow up, but you can’t do that with a celebrity look-a-like nose. You are stuck with it, even after it isn’t fashionable any more.

Now Kate's nose is the rage, as girls are flooding board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Fodor's offices in Century City, California to achieve what some describe as the "perfect nose."

"Spring break is one of the most popular times to have rhinoplasty," says Dr. Fodor. "It's the perfect downtime for a more involved procedure that takes some time to heal."

"The best nose for any face is one that fits the surrounding features and is proportionally correct, thereby enhancing beauty instead of the dreaded cookie cutter noses that reveal the uninspired work of a lesser surgeon," says Dr. Fodor.

Which is why what Los Angeles plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter B. Fodor - among the top 1% of U.S. Plastic Surgeons according to U.S. News and celebrity surgeon to the stars - has to say is so important. Dr. Fodor rules out surgery for about 50% of the people who want to engage his services.

Dr. Fodor tells the truth about what to expect throughout the process of any plastic surgery procedure, even if its not what the patient wants to hear.

According to data from one of England’s top cosmetic surgery centers, requests for Kate’s nose have tripled since 2011.

"Diana Princess of Wales had a rather strong nose, not at all pug and perky like her son's wife," says Dr. Fodor. "Her face was beautiful, and her nose worked with her features. Beauty is measured in millimeters, and often times what seems like a detriment in the looks department is often a women (or man's) greatest ally. Imperfection can be an exquisite thing taken in context with the whole picture."




5 Surprising Uses for BOTOX: Much More Than Wrinkles

Friday, November 02, 2012 09:41 AM

An increasing number of patients are requesting alternative uses of Botox. While some of these treatments are becoming more widely accepted, experts caution that a well trained professional is key to desirable results.

Various uses for BOTOX (tm) are popping up and catching on everywhere. It may be hard to tell if Botox is the right solution for your issue. One thing is for sure, having a skilled and highly trained professional administering your BOTOX can make all the difference in your results - no matter what treatment you are seeking. We spoke with a top doctor to find out more about some of these new uses and what to look out for when considering them.
Top plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Fodor, rated in the nation's top 1% by U.S. News, deals with usual and unusual uses for Botox beyond the normal. "There are uses that are cosmetic, and there are uses that are functional," explains Fodor. An example of a functional use is using Botox to help battle teeth grinding, also called Bruxism. A cosmetic example is the Nefertiti Neck Lift, where the chin is quickly lifted using multiple injections of Botox. It improves the loss of jawline definition that occurs during aging. Treating Bruxism actually provides a 2 for 1 benefit since while it reduces teeth grinding, it also relaxes the facial muscles that typically create an undesired rectangular facial look, thus providing an aesthetic benefit as well.

Nefertiti Neck Lift using BOTOX by Dr. Peter Fodor

It's important to understand that since Botox is a powerful neurotoxin you should work with a doctor who knows when it's right to use the product for these conditions, and how much to use.
One of the procedures emerging as a trend for Botox is using it as a treatment for Frey Syndrome. This rare disorder causes excessive sweating on the face while a person eats. Some doctors have argued that using Botox to treat Frey Syndrome means the possibility of the Botox affecting underlying muscles, which may lead to a partially paralyzed look. Dr. Fodor understands the risk and says that the key is going to a doctor who has the skill to treat more intricate conditions. "Frey Syndrome involves underlying nerves, and that's nothing to be taken lightly. There are very important nuances with this treatment which can be effective if you work with a doctor who is very familiar with this condition," said Fodor. He adds that he has seen successful results which last up to a year.
Fixing the condition called Gummy Smile is another condition for which Dr. Fodor and others are using Botox. It is possible to over-correct, which would cause an upper lip to become too low or to cause an uneven looking smile. It is critical to go to a physician who understands the underlying structure of the facial muscles. Dr. Fodor shares that an advanced knowledge of theses muscles and the facial anatomy, and the way they work together is required to create symmetry where uneven conditions may occur otherwise.

BOTOX for Treating Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Even more uses for Botox are also being found. Many physicians don't even know many of these newer uses.
Dr. Fodor does anticipate additional uses will start to become commonplace. Pulling from his own practice Fodor says "Bell's Palsy is another condition that I've helped a great deal with Botox." In the dysfunction of the cranial nerve which creates an inability to control facial muscles, Botox dramatically helps the appearance and can bring an even look and confidence back to the patient.
When exploring these uses of Botox as treatment options, be sure to consult with a highly experienced doctor.




Mother-Daughter Plastic Surgery: A Growing Trend?

The Huffington Post | By Ellie Krupnick Posted: 10/18/2012 5:27 pm EDT Updated: 10/18/2012 5:45 pm EDT

Some moms and daughters bond over power-walking, others by watching certain beloved TV shows. (This author bonds with her mother by jointly stalking people on Facebook.)

Then there are mother-daughter pairs who undergo plastic surgery together, using the experience to bolster one another and come out feeling great at the same time. "Good Morning America" found a mother and daughter who could attest to the experience: 65-year-old Lynda and 38-year-old Stefanie, who went in for a neck tuck and cheek fillers (Lynda) and a breast lift and a tummy tuck (Stefanie).

Sound wild? It's not as rare as you'd think. In 2005, the American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported a significant rise in the number of people getting surgery with a partner and we've seen it happen before our very eyes on "The Real Housewives Of Orange County." Heck, it's the first thing we think of when we think of Joan and Melissa Rivers duo.

Lynda and Stefanie's surgeon, Dr. Peter Fodor of Los Angeles, said he's a fan of joint surgery. "I love it... the patients who start with a supportive relationship, they really help each other and I welcome that."

Which does sound kind of nice. In any event, it seems preferable to the voucher system, in which a mother gifted her 7-year-old daughter about $11,000 worth of plastic surgery vouchers as a birthday present.

Read more at GMA.Yahoo.com.



Consumer Health News

Mother-daughter plastic surgery trend increases

By April MacIntyre Oct 23, 2012, 19:51 GMT

Last week, “Good Morning America” showed Los Angeles resident Stefanie, 38, who decided to undergo cosmetic surgery with her 65-year-old mother, Lynda, who lives Montreal.



Credit Melissa and Joan Rivers for this one: There's a growing trend in plastic surgery, where mother and a daughter are each seeking tweaks and fixes to niggling problems.

Now, many family members are embarking on a new journey together– one of self improvement.

Last week, “Good Morning America” showed Los Angeles resident Stefanie, 38, who decided to undergo cosmetic surgery with her 65-year-old mother, Lynda, who lives Montreal.

Stefanie is ready for a mini mommy makeover to address sagging breasts and a pooch belly, and mum Lynda hates her neck.

The pair wanted some bonding over beauty time and thought it was ”a nice thing” for them to do because they “could be a support system" for each other.

Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Peter B. Fodor took care of the two and expressed his opinion that it was good to have a support system while on the mend.

Dr. Fodor shares in the video that the post-op healing mother and daughter offer major emotional support to each other. This allegedly lessens the downtime feeling, and helps boosts spirits.




Dr. Peter B. Fodor: Cosmetic Surgery From the Inside Out

October 22, 2012


Reality television and many of self-promoting plastic surgeons would have you believe the experience of cosmetic surgery is much like spending the day at the beach – all sunshine and playful breezes. All it takes is a little snip, snip, snip and life becomes everything your dreamed it could be. No wonder more and more physicians are moving into the cosmetics field whether they are qualified or not. No wonder we are beginning to see the ‘abnormal’ body features becoming the ‘new normal.’

In a day when people want a magic pill to quickly fix whatever needs fixing many people flock to Neiman Marcus or the plastic surgeon when life presents a twist, turn or a downward dip. Like addicts many never realize that external solutions can’t solve internal emotional problems. There isn’t a Prada bag or Face-lift that can fill the emptiness within.

Which is why I was surprised, and delighted, to hear of a plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter B. Fodor, among the top 1% of U.S. Plastic Surgeons according to U.S. News and celebrity surgeon to the stars. He rules out surgery for about 50% of the people who want to engage his services.

Why? Because if a patient isn’t emotionally ready for cosmetic surgery Fodor will tell the patient the truth – this surgery isn’t for you and/or I’m not the surgeon you want.

This was someone I had to meet. And I did. Fodor graciously gave me the better part of a day of his time to sit down and discuss his philosophy, what he sees in the emotional and physical diversity of the people who come to see him and give me a personal and private tour of his medical facility. His elegant presence and peaceful environment set the stage for a lengthy and lively conversation that was more about the beauty in wealth of spirit than the ambidextrous artistry of his surgical hands.

Fodor also takes his time when he first consults with a potential patient. Unlike many doctors who rush from one patient to the next, Fodor digs deep to fully hear and understand what a person really wants and expects to get out of the procedure. As he was in our meeting, he is fully present and focused.

As I listened to Dr. Fodor tell me the story of his career and his early experiences I lost the image of a technician and gained the vision of an artist who loves to precisely create and sculpt with his hands. Each movement has purpose. Each tool has a mission to deliver a meaningful positive change.

We talked a bit about the cosmetic surgery industry itself and quickly got to the heart of the conversation. Cosmetic procedures are more about the mind than they are about the body. With a background in psychology, Fodor refers to his work as “psycho-surgery.” He treats patients from the inside out.

If a procedure isn’t in the patient’s highest good, Fodor will opt out.

There are four reasons why Fodor will not move forward with surgery:

1. The patient shows evidence of a body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

Such a person is excessively preoccupied with and concerned about perceiveddefects in their physical features. Sufferers believe that they are so ugly or deformed that they can’t function in society until they are “fixed.” There isn’t a knife in the world that can alone carve away such misguided pain. Fodor’s conviction is if what a client wants doesn’t naturally exist in human physique he will not create it with his scalpel.

2. The patient expresses unrealistic expectations.

If the expectations are higher than the realities of the procedure, Dr. Fodor will give patients a strong reality check. Instead of ushering me to the payment desk, Dr. Fodor would have politely ushered me to the door oh so long ago when I thought that if I enhanced my barely B Cup into a convincing C Cup my life would change in magical ways. At the time, I guess I was lucky that my first consultation experience made me feel like an anonymous piece of meat ready to be carved and charged. I ran out the door and never looked back. Had I gone forward I would have learned the painful and expensive way that what I wanted didn’t come packaged with a boob job.

Unlike the physician I saw at that time, Fodor tells the truth about what to expect throughout the process even if its not what the patient wants to hear. He is intent on giving his patients the tools to be able to make an informed rational decision.

3. When a patient excessively believes ‘more is better.’

Dr. Fodor will not produce anything that does not normally exist. Period. If after a discussion on what is in the patient’s best interest, a patient still wants an unnatural enhancement Dr. Fodor suggests the patient go somewhere else. “I’d rather have a person be unhappy with me for a day than for a lifetime.”

As it is, nearly 50% of the procedures Fodor does do are ‘re-dos’ for patients who have gone elsewhere and are unhappy with the results. The paradox isn’t lost on Fodor who realizes that when he says so many will ultimately find a doctor who will say yes – and then end up back in his office for a correction.

4. The patient isn’t intrinsically motivated.

If a patient is in his office only because someone else – a significant other perhaps – thinks the procedure needs to be done Fodor will decline.

For Fodor to say YES, a patient needs to have made an informed decision autonomously, have realistic expectations about the outcomes and (hopefully) have a strong support system within the dynamics of family and friends. Engaging actively as part of that support system is inherent in the ongoing care Fodor provides.

Fodor’s passion and mission is to serve the greater good of his client. This philosophy is evident in the physical and technical design of his practice – from the soothing decor, state-of-the-art private in-house surgery center and comfy pre-and post-operation recovery areas, the practice was designed to place the attention on the needs of the patient rather than the accolades of the doctor. I didn’t see the celebrity photos, array of diplomas and awards or brochures touting the fabulousness of the typical Dr. Nip and Tuck.

There are other equally motivated and qualified surgeons like Fodor who really want to make a positive and powerful difference in a person’s life. As with any industry, there are doctors and professionals who care more about their tee-off time than what a patient or client really needs and wants. If you are seeking a cosmetic solution it is your job to discern one from the other. It is your job to fully understand what you’re signing up for.

Stand in line in any grocery store and you’ll see an array of tabloids spotlighting the latest celebrity surgical blunder. At the same time, there are many people with surgical success stories who feel better about themselves after the procedure. They report improvement in self-esteem and confidence in a way that enables them to enrich their quality of life. These are the people who have a healthy realistic relationship with themselves and what surgery can and can’t provide.

It all boils down to your WHY.

What is it that you’re really looking to buy with your cosmetic surgery investment?

If it’s realistic, intrinsic and you’re emotionally ready to adjust to the change in your body image then go into it boldly with full awareness. Chances are you’ll be pleased with the results.

If, however, you think it will magically turn you into someone you are not or will never be then think again. You will not be pleased with what you see in the mirror and in life upon recovery. If you’re overweight, 50 years old and have no talent as an actor you will never be or look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt.

Do your homework. There are a lot of books available that will give you an education about the essential facts and surgeon insights about the plastic surgery process. A quick search on Amazon.com led me to “Be Your Best: A Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” written by industry experts with Fodor as the book’s Medical Editor.

No two people are alike. Therefore a good plastic surgeon will take the time to consult and collaborate with you to develop a highly individualized surgical plan. Speak with a few board-certified plastic surgeons. In addition to selecting a surgeon who is qualified to do the procedure, you want a doctor who will have your best interests at heart from first consultation to months – if not years – beyond recovery.

Ask questions and keep asking questions until you get answers that you can understand. Discern hype and false promises from fact and realistic expectations. Even if some of the body parts aren’t exactly ‘real’, keep it real in your head and in your heart. That’s where your real strength and beauty lives.





Magic wand for fat melting? Yes, says top plastic surgeon (VIDEO)

By April MacIntyre Sep 27, 2012, 21:39 GMT


Dr. Peter Fodor, hailed by U.S. News\' Castle Connolly as part of the prestigious top 1% in the nation for plastic surgery, is the pioneer that the Vaser company enlisted to research and develop their cutting edge non-invasive fat fighter: VaserShape.

Excess fat and award season do not play well together.

Gowns and revealing clothes offer little leeway for stars to look their best, so this time of year has many seeking fixes to their bulging dilemmas.

There are amazing techniques available now that eliminate surgery and utilize technology to literally melt lipids (fat) sub-dermally and even tighten skin, and the best part is that the results are immediate and even continue after the treatment ends.

Dr. Fodor's reputation is internationally renowned as a leader in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and he is highly respected by the profession as a surgeon, teacher and author.

In the area of liposuction, Dr. Fodor bucks the trend of wide-awake surgery and prefers general anesthesia and no lasering for a smoother effect, as he tells M&C that his practice addresses numerous "redo" surgeries from botched lasering and horrific scar tissue knots that leave an uneven rippled effect for many patients.

His ongoing desire to perfect liposuction and other cosmetic procedures led to his election as President of the Lipoplasty Society of North America, which he held for five and a half years (two consecutive terms by popular demand). He is recognized as a founding member of many influential plastic surgery societies and is on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and of the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation.

He also served as President of the Semmelweiss Scientific Society, is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Fraternity and has served as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force.

Currently, he is Past President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the world’s foremost organization composed of Board Certified plastic surgeons performing primarily cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Fodor has pioneered unique concepts of lipoplasty, as well as endoscopic surgery. His perfection in the mastery of his skills led to his published book “Be Your Best: A Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery," widely considered to be the comprehensive "bible" to the discipline of plastic surgery.

The “Battle of the Bulge" that bedevils many star has finally been won by a new, non-invasive, painless award winning technology that permanently removes fat from stubborn, resistant areas. Men and women are on board for this procedure that delivers what it promises.

Dr. Fodor delivers this "magic wand" treatment to a swath of clients who swear by its efficacy. Additionally, VASER Shape won the award for Best Non-Surgical Body Shaping device at The Aesthetic Show™ (TAS) 2012, the marquee multidisciplinary medical education event for medical aesthetic professionals, in April 2012.


This cutting edge alternative to liposuction does not require anesthetic. The lack of downtime and immediate results of losing up to two inches in a single one hour treatment inspired comedian Monique Marvez to visit Dr. Fodor, inviting M&C to witness the procedure.

Her treatment was 45 minutes, and her final measurements came in at over 2 inches lost on her mid-section, with Marvez quipping, "my stomach is flatter than day old Coke!" Watch the procedure:



From monstersandcritics.com

Consumer Health Features

Buyer Beware: Bargain plastic surgery a disaster in waiting

By April MacIntyre Sep 5, 2012, 19:48 GMT

When it comes to your face, a 'Mulligan' is not what you want to have happen. Bad plastic surgery is life changing for the worse, and always leaves patients feeling vulnerable, violated and even abused.

Caveat Emptor, meaning buyer beware when it comes to the important decision to have an elective surgery. Bargain shopping for cosmetic procedures is unwise according to board certified Century City, CA plastic surgeon and past president of ASAPS, Dr. Peter B. Fodor.

"As the number of doctors performing surgical procedures without the proper qualifications is growing, the aesthetic enhancement industry is becoming the 'wild west' of medicine," says Dr. Fodor.

From Instinct August 2012


From Celebzter

Feature Story: Can bad plastic surgery be fixed?

Every day we see cases of celebrities who have gone under the knife with dire consequences. And, more often than not, normal people find themselves the victims of bad plastic surgery, in part due to the fact that they are seeking a cheaper alternative from backyard operations than the qualified pricier options.

But can a case of bad plastic surgery be fixed? We consulted leading plastic surgeon, Dr.Fodor, who was a past president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, to get his expert opinion on what can and can’t be rectified.


From www.girlaroundtown.net

All About Injectables with Dr. Peter Fodor

By Leigh June 20, 2012

Since I am now officially into my thirties I have begun to absolutely freak out about the wrinkles in my face. This isn’t particularly new as at 25 I made my first La Mer purchase, but as the years went on, so did the obsession, and now that I’ve crossed over into my third decade, I’ve decided it might take more than just La Mer to keep my complexion looking good. I’m now wanting to dip my toes into the land of Botox and injectables, but honestly, its a scary thing to start, so when I was offered the chance to talk to world renowned aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Fodor about all things needles, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m 31 and currently freaking about the visible wrinkles on my face.
Can you give me an injectables 101?

First, your chronologic age (how old actually are) is not as important as the physiologic age (how old we look and feel). Age doesn’t totally determine who should do what – sun exposure, dryness, not taking care of your skin, this is what makes you age. Once you decide you want to lift your face some, you have two options, a surgical facelift or a “liquid facelift”
which is what we consider injectables.

There are two types of “liquid facelifts”:

To Read More Click Here


From Beauty Snob June 11, 2012

by Beauty Snob Kelly

Recently, I was asked to try the Vaser Shape, an ultrasound treatment that zaps fat cells and essentially does what liposuction does, but – keyword – non-invasively. Phrases along the lines of, “immediate results, painless, and free” were the factors that made the decision easy an easy yes for me. “What can I lose?” I thought. “An hour of my time? If it doesn’t work, well, it’s non-invasive so no harm.” But there was still the possibility of it actually working, so I’m not going to lie, I was super-excited.

I don’t know how to put this lightly…it was CRAZY!!! Like, amazing and totally works. They use this device that kind of looks like one paddle of a defibrillator. It heats up your fat cells using an ultrasound. It is rubbed in a circle on your body for about 30-45 minutes, depending on the area being worked on…

…Very importantly, the treatment was done by Dr. Fodor in Los Angeles. He is the most accredited plastic surgeon in the city, which says a lot. He teaches residents at UCLA medical school and was the President of the Liposuction Association of America. He helped to develop this treatment. He is THE man...


Click on any of the magazines below to view the article that Dr. Fodor is featured in.

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